our husbands... don't know
what we are doing !


We ship ALL orders in PRIORITY MAIL
We ship in all the world from Italy, so international shipping is already included in
all our items
. Some items are sold only with other items, because they are the proof of the personalized wearing of the items that you purchase.
Sometimes, when someone purchase a lot of items we ship with the swift package international EMS.

Q: Is the ship discretely?
A: Yes! ALL of our packages are very discretely mailed from Italy
We ship via Priority mail with only your name and address and as return address on the label.
We'd prefer to put a sender name, because it allows us to keep track of your package.
We use an our friend's name who lives in a town near Modena ( it will be very funny and dangerous if we would write as retun address our real one)
If you prefer over the package we can write, as sender, a male name, so you can't have problems
with other womans ( but you have to specify that when you'll e-mail us for particulars ).
Your items will come to you in a mail package marked from a name that involves nothing with the things contained in.
So we always check the claims form (obbligatory for all international shipments) with "gift" and similar descriptions. Each item is taped securely and wrapped with a colored package so if it would be spilt out,it would only look like a gift.

Q: How much have I expect my order?
A: We do ship out our items as quickly as we can.
we'll ship your items out within 24 hours of completed wearing.
Somethimes it may be a delay
depending on what time you place your order ( think that
We have to create personalized videos and pcs, wear items......and parents can't know that....).

The time is depending also on the season, our daily and work activities. ...I suffer delays when I'm sick and when there's "Aunt Flo" ( or, how we say in Italy "Marquis" ).
I really wear every thing that we sell. When you order,we do our best to give you an idea about when to expect your package. Of course, you're always free to Email us about when to expect your items.
We check your E-malis all the time!

So we'll e-mail you and let you know when we can go to the post office to do the shippings.

Q: How can I have a totally fast and safety shipping ?

A : If you prefer we may send you the items with UPS CARRIER (or similar) , but in this option the international shipping rate is more expensive than the priority mail. If you prefer so, you'll e-mail us your items request and your data, so we'll make you know the addition for the expenses of consignment. In each page you can find a Paypal botton which you can use to make the supplement payment.
We ALWAYS ship in all the world

Q: What happens if something goes wrong in the shipping ?
A: It's not a lot of time that we ship in all the world. Since today every thing was going right, but if there would be a delay that's not depend on you we are ready to make another ship without make you pay another item as the same you purchased.
All to show our seriousness and to be reliable.

We are so hot as italian girls are. We are sure you'll have a very nice CUM experience!!!


After purchase with PAYPAL, remember to specify the particulars of you orders by e-mail
( you can approach to our FORM from every page of the website ).

Paypal allows you to pay with either your paypal balance, bank account, or major credit card.
Paypal is the most secure system of payment . If you don't have a paypal account you can
set up one easly and fastly by clicking any one of our paypal buttons.

Buyers who pay with PayPal are protected by X.com's Buyer Protection Guarantee.
If you purchase an item from a Verified Seller and do not receive your purchased goods,
you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase amount up to $5000 per year. You may
check the verification status of a Seller on every confirmation page before you Send Money.
The Buyer Protection Guarantee applies whether you pay with a credit card, checking account,
or funds in your PayPal account.


The personal data you give to us are protected from the Normative of the Italian Privacy Law 675/96
for which they will have taken care of and guarded according to normative.
The article 13 of the aforesaid law saies that you will be able to ask in any moment the cancellation
your data and they won't be statements to others without your written authorization.