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Tabitha's Panties

Name: Tabitha

Age: 24

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Panty Size: 5 or 6

Bra Size: 34B

Location: Ohio, USA

Career: Just got my associates degree in  Digital Communication.

Likes: Spending money!, Jazz music, dancing in country music bars, riding horses, making money, being tasted.

I smoke. I like it.

Sex position: Doggy style.

Experimentation: Iíve tasted pussy. I have no problem being with chicks if they turn me on but I like guys more. Iíve done the anal thing but itís no big deal to me. Iíll do it if it turns on my partner.

Fantasy: Living with a guy and a girl - all of us sleeping in the same bed.

Most everything on this page, above and below, is the same as on my original site. I am obviously older, 24 now versus 21 then, and I did finish my degree - just an associates degree. I'm not sure how much interest people have in this page so I haven't changed anything. If you would like to know anything else about me email me I like hearing from you guys anyways.

My friend Constance from conniepanties.com got me interested in setting this site up and selling my dirty panties.

I have to admit something up front. I like to be desired and lusted after but when I first heard about guys actually buying dirty used panties I was a little disgusted. I only mention this because I think it's probably a common first impression. But after only a couple of days of knowing about it, it also turned me on. I've caught guys trying to look up my skirt plenty of times but never really thought of my dirty panties as being something sexual or something that a guy would really want. Sure I've heard about guys doing panty raids and stuff although I don't actually know anybody that's done something like that. I think this is quite a bit different - guys specifically wanting dirty ones and willing to buy them. I like it I like it! Yes it did disgust me for a little bit but the more I thought about it the more I liked it. Now I actually do get wet thinking about it.

I'm not just saying that for this site I really do get aroused just thinking about a guy, a complete stranger, that's looked at me then bought my dirty used panties so he can get off. That fucking turns me on. Now about the 2 Fingers In domain name. That's what you get. That's how I prepare my panties for you. I get all juicy and slowly push the panties in - 2 fingers in.