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Tabitha's Panties

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you ship outside the US?
A: Yes, I'll send my stuff to any place that the shopping cart allows to process. There are a few mid-east countries that can't be processed. And Nigeria. If you can't tell by the cart and you're not sure just email me.

Q: I'm concerned about my privacy. I don't really want anyone knowing I'm buying used panties off the internet. What do you do about that?
A: I Understand and I ship everything in a plain envelope.  The return address will have a P.O. Box address on it only.  Nothing will appear anywhere on the envelope that would indicate that it's from a female or what may be in the package. However international packages require a name so I use the name "official CP" that's the company I use to sell my stuff. Also for international orders, on the customs slip,  I state that the content is an official CP Bandana.

Q: If I would send to you
a pair of panties would you wear them and send them back?
A: Yes as long as they are brand new with the tags still attached.

Q: Your prices are a bit more than some other used panty girls why?.
A: This is a business no matter what some may say. Although it may seem like there is nothing to just wearing underwear you'd probably wear anyways then just mailing them to someone. That is true but there is a whole lot more to it than that. This web site takes work and cost money. Just listing this enough places to get enough traffic that makes it even somewhat reasonable to make money takes a LOT of time and effort. I also pay considerable money to give you guys the option of paying online rather than the process of sending payment that I would need to clear before even sending your stuff out. I spend money and a lot of time with many processes to make this service available to you - Panty cost, packaging, travel to the post office, a computer and internet service, hosting cost, domain name cost, answering emails, dealing with some psychos, and sorting through large amounts of spam so I don't miss your emails.  Also with the extra day wear option I charge more than some  because if I wear one panty for four days at say $92 I could wear four separate panties for the regular one day and make $180. When considering I don't wear panties to sell during my period  this only leaves me around 20 or so days a month to wear panties to sell. This began with it just being a kind of hobby. Well that was kind of the idea but it soon became clear that to make it worth the time and effort this can not be handled like a hobby. If you have been into this kind of thing for a while I'm sure you've noticed that a very very large amount of panty sites don't stay up very long. That's because they to realized this is not a easy money type of thing. The bottom line is I'm good looking and clean and I can only wear one pair of panties at a time and what I ask for my items is simply a fair price, considering everything, to make it reasonable for me to be available for you. The other girls that have seemingly lower prices unfortunately won't be around too long. I'm sure you could find some that have lower prices and claim they have been around a long time but just some basic checking, like when their domain name was even created, would show they really haven't been around very long at all and won't be if they're trying to operate like Wal-Mart. This is not a thrift store type of service and as I'm sure you've heard you usually get what you pay for.

Q: How do I prepare your panties?
A: I wear them for a full day - 24 hours. I play and finger myself, at least one period during this time,  until I'm wet then push the crotch area of the panties 2 fingers in. Sometimes I'll go till I cum. This sometimes creates a white or clear substance. This is so even when I don't actually reach an orgasm.  There is ALWAYS juices from arousal on or in the panties,  even if it's not white, plus the normal daily stuff. Some days I smell stronger than others. That's just normal. I have several friends that sell panties, and we talk,  and I have researched some of this. I don't have a fishy smell. I'm a healthy and clean type of person and have a sexy saucy smell. The extra day/s wear and work out panties can get pretty nasty though.

Q: How can I pay you for your panties?
A: You can email me for a PO box address and send money orders, cash, or a Wal-Mart gift card. Please leave the name blank on the money order. The best and fastest way to pay is with a credit card through a safe secure checkout. I have an arrangement with a company, official CP, so you can buy my stuff with a credit card. They've been around a long time and are very safe to deal with. Your credit card will say official CP so no one will have any idea what you have bought.

Q: Do you sell period or poop stuff?
A: No.

Q: Do  you just sell  panties?
A: Even if I don't have something posted on the site I will sell other things like socks and pantyhose and maybe a used vibrator. I just started selling pussy pops. Maybe other things too email me and ask.

Q: How do you package your pussy pops?
A: I wrap them back up in their original paper then vacuum pack them the same way I do the panties.