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Sexy Story - In The Theater

..... Connie got up and walked over to the concession stand for soda and popcorn. I got warm nacho cheese and chips and a cup of ice. Connie did not know what I had in store for us, this was a surprise. Connie was wearing a tight green skirt with a white button up shirt. Her sandals showed off her tiny beautiful toes, and her long tan legs glistened in the flickering movie light  I took out some body lotion scented with musk and started rubbing it up and down my legs slowly. The theater was full by now, and Connie had returned. I smiled at her and said , “Hey, lets have a little fun in here tonight with some of these guys.” I winked at her and she knew what I meant. So, she reached down and set the drinks and the popcorn on the floor in front of us. She put one leg up on the back of the chair in front of us and removed her sandal. I poured the lotion down her leg slowly starting from her toes down her calf up to her knee and then stopping at her thigh right below the skirt line. She began slowly working the lotion into her leg and wiggling her ass just a little in the seat while she did this. I looked up at Connie and whispered,” I think we have someone’s attention.” Sure enough, in the next row to the right of us was a guy sitting all alone. His head was turned looking our way and he had already tried to lean his body to a position to try and see up our skirts. Connie smiled at me and started to tease him more and more. First she rubbed the lotion slowly around her feet and then up her leg until she reached her thigh. At that point she reached down and grabbed an ice cube out of her cup and melted it up and down her leg and let the water drip down the front of her skirt onto her silky white panties. I could see the man getting restless in his chair. He kept taking his hand to his crotch and pushing down on it trying to keep his erection from showing so much. But, from the looks of his bulging package,  that would prove to be quite a task. I reached over Connie’s leg and down to the floor grabbing some popcorn. I put a piece in my mouth and began to play with it back and forth with my tongue so the man could see. I licked my lips of the salty, buttery taste and then reaching across Connie dropped a piece of popcorn down her shirt. The man just about fell from his chair as he leaned back to watch us tease him. I don’t think he even knew at this point what the movie was about or that it had started. His eyes were almost begging with us to continue, he bit his bottom lip slightly and again adjusted his bulging package. Having no pity on him, I decided to send him into the state of no return. I slowly unbuttoned Connie’s white shirt and reached in cupping her breast. I put my face into her breasts and grabbed the popcorn off of her tit with my lips. Then, I slowly buttoned her back up and chewed my prize. Connie put her leg down and parted her legs wide open. She then took my hand and placed it on her wet throbbing pussy. I began to finger her tight twat with my index finger and she leaned back into the chair and moaned. The man did the same, leaning over and then actually moving his seat closer to get a better look. He looked up at me and I stared into his deep blue eyes for a second then I thrust my hand deeper into Connie’s cunt causing her to squeal in pleasure. I reached into my purse and pulled out the vibrator I had brought with. I opened her legs a little wider and pulled her panties off of her slowly kissing her thighs as I did so.The man was now directly in front of us, His cock was so hard that by now he could no longer push it down or even attempt to stop it from showing off. He reached over the seat and I handed him Connie’s panties. He began to sniff them deeply inhaling her very essence and taking in her sex. I began pushing the vibrator into Connie’s hot throbbing pussy and thrust it in and out of her with gentle force. The man bit into her panties now, watching me pump Connie with the thick vessel drove him crazy. He took out his cock and began to stroke it back and forth while he sucked the juices from Connie’s white silk panties.

I was getting very hot. My cunt dripped with juices and my nipples hardened under my shirt. I pulled the vibrator from Connie’s pussy and she arched her back begging for it not to leave her quivering hole. The lights in the theater flickering in the dark letting  the man see our glistening pussies. His hand still stroked his cock but it was not enough for him. I tapped the chair next to me and he crawled into the back row with us. I pushed his shoulders down  forcing him to kneel on the sticky hard floor positioning himself to sample our cunts.

He leaned down into my pussy and sniffed the red panties as they stuck to my lips. He took his mouth and enclosed my mound and blew hot breath onto my panties heating up my hole.

Then he took his teeth and bit the edges of my panty sucking on the lacy rim and flicking his tongue back and forth across my crotch forcing me to want him inside meConnie grabbed her panties from the man’s hand and stuck them under my nose, teasing me with her essence. I suckled the crotch of the panties as I began to breath harder and harder wanting more but not receiving it. Connie took the vibrator from my hand and pushed the man’s face from my panties. She parted the panties to the side and I leaned back waiting for her to push it into my pussy, but instead, she reached down and grabbed the warm nacho cheese. She dipped the vibrator into the cheese and shoved it deep into my asshole sending my pussy upwards where the man again caught it in his mouth and began sucking even harder through the panties. The cotton held in the heat and my ass was burning from the warm cheese. I so wanted to cum and was almost there when the man began to pull my panties off with his teeth. He pulled them slowly over the vibrator leaving it still in my ass. He took the panties and put them in Connie’s mouth kissing her. He took her hand and began to guide her to work my asshole like I have never felt before. She pumped me harder and deeper than before and my pussy throbbed with passion. The man climbed on top of me and began to pump my pussy hole with his thick hard rod. Connie continued to work my ass.She crawled to the ground in back of the man as he pumped me full of his juices. She began to separate his ass and lick the center of his crack and then tongued his hole. He moaned with pleasure.  I kept breathing in Connie’s panties and sucking at the white cream her soft pussy had left behind.  I could hold nothing back anymore and began to cum.As I did, the man pushed up my bra and madly suckled my breasts. Connie sucked his asshole deeper and deeper and thrust the vibrator into my asshole with great force. I cam and my legs began to quiver.    But, the man was not done yet.He took Connie’s hand and helped her pull the vessel from my asshole. He pulled his cock from my pussy and then sat on the ground. Now he wanted to service Connie. He helped her to her seat and reached over to unbutton her shirt  Her nipples popped right out of the bra and he reached over to suck on them one at a time. He circled them with his tongue and kissed the tips. Then he took my red panties and put them over Connie’s face so that the ass was right on her nose. He took my hand and led me to the floor handing me the vibrator and guiding me to sit in back of him as Connie had done. I took the vibrator and put it into the cold soda cup until it was like ice. Then, I reached down and started fingering Connie’s asshole. The man climbed above me putting his ass in my face and started to stick his dick into Connie’s pussy, but I stopped him. Instead, I opened her asshole up for him with my fingers and he began to fuck her ass. As he did, I put ice cubes on her pussy and started to rub them back and forth.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, and having his ass in my face, I parted his cheeks and took the cold vibrator and pushed it into his hole. He jumped in surprise but, I reached over and kissed away his hesitation.

Now, both Connie and the man were being ass fucked. I pushed harder and harder into the man’s hole as he did Connie’s. She lay back helpless now, sucking on the red panties that hung from her mouth trying not to cry out so loudly.

As both cam to a climax and the man pumped Connie’s asshole with cum , I looked up for a second. There in the projection room stood a man with his dick hanging out of his pants. He was jerking off as he watched us below him. He was about there too, so, as a courtesy, I pulled the vibrator out and sucked as hard as I could on the man’s asshole making him cum once more into Connie’s ass. This time when I looked up as the projection room, the man was smiling at me and wiping the cum from his hands. Finally, the other man pulled his cock from Connie’s burning asshole. He reached over and kissed her forehead and then sucked on my bottom lip. He pulled back on his pants and handed us each back our panties walking away. I don’t know who actually was teased, that man, or Connie and I. We slid back on our panties and I could still feel the heat from his mouth in the cotton. When I got home, I decided not to wash the panties. They no longer just smelled of my sex but of the mysterious man and Connie as well. I keep them on the floor by my bed. When I close the door at night, I can smell the three of us in the theater.