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Sexy Story - The Mall

..... We waited around for a couple of men to stand near the cell phone booth near the train and then we went on the ride. We were the only two people on the train so the lady that ran the ride did not pay attention to us. Amy and I sat in the last car of the train facing each other with our legs spread wide open and our skirts hiked up.

As the train turned the first curve, we caught the attention of a tall man standing by the cell phone booth. I could tell he was interested because he walked away from his friends and leaned up against the little white picket fence that guarded the train tracks. I opened my legs further this time taking my hand and opening the crotch of the panties just a peak so my lips would poke out a tiny bit. That got him. The man waived two of his friends over and now all three stood at the fence watching our peek a boo train ride.

Amy decided to add a little flavor to the scene so the next time the train rode past the men; she reached over and fondled my boobs making them all hard.  hot.

I sneaked a glance at the men on the fence and saw they were practically falling over each other to get a better look. I couldnít help but smile, this was so. The ride ended so Amy and I decided to walk around the mall some more. Two of the men from the fence tried asking us for our numbers, but we turned them down. I donít want a date, just a little excitement flashing here and there. So, we walked down to one of the clothing shops.

The store was packed with women and their boyfriends as the girls tried on dresses. I had a great idea and decided that Amy and I would try on panty sets and then set out of the dressing room to show each other and watch the men check us out instead of their girlfriends.

I walked over to some racks and found a bright red hot lacy set of panties with a guarder and a matching push up bra. Amy found a black cotton thong, with a pair of lips on the front of it. She found a matching bra that was practically see through. We giggled and went into the dressing rooms. Signaling each other, we both stepped out of the dressing room at the same time where the other girls were standing showing their boyfriends the dresses they had on. In an instant, all eyes were on us. The girls and the guys could not stop staring. I reached over and tapped Amy on the ass telling her ďOh, your ass looks delicious in that thong.Ē And she replied with a shake of the ass and a flash of a tit. I think the guy drinking the soda choked. We giggled and walked back into the dressing rooms. Then a lady came and knocked on the door asking us to leave. We just laughed put back on our clothes and left, leaving the women upset and their boyfriends with boners. We decided then to go to a specialty store that sells sex toys and what not. It was dark in the store with lots of flashing lights. Amy and I walked over to were three guys were standing looking at some posters. Amy decided to get the ball rolling by reaching for a large rubber dildo and offering it to me loudly,Ē Hey, Jess, isnít this what you wanted in your ass?Ē I reached down and lifted my skirt just enough so that my crotch less panties shown in the dark and rubbed my pussy right over the panties. ďAmy, stop, youíre making me all hot. My pussy canít stand it anymore.Ē The three guys buy now were NOT looking at the posters but at us. One of the guys was exceptionally hot looking. He walked over and reached his hand out to touch mine as I rubbed my panties up and down. I could feel his large warm hands as they messaged my pussy and made the juices flow into the cotton center of my panties. He moved his hand slowly down and started to finger me in and out right there in the back of the store.

Amy was getting really hot now and she started rubbing her panties under her skirt 

  The second and third guy both walked up to Amy and as one caressed her breast the other moved his hands down her panties into her hole making her squeal with heat. Suddenly, the store clerk walked up and told us to take it to a hotel or he would call the cops. I reached down and removed my panties right there and as we walked out the door, I tossed the soaking lace panties onto his register. Amy and I walked out and as we looked back, he had the panties in his hand and was smelling them and licking the center.

The three men followed us out of the store and we went to a photo booth. One of the guys walked into the booth and I crawled on top of him and we started fucking. I took my bra and pulled it up so that my tits were nested in his mouth for him to suck. He came, I came and then Amy and the other two men went into the booth. She loves to fuck more than one guy at a time.

She took off her panties and put them up to the first mans nose and he took a deep breath, He stood up in the booth above his friend and pulled his rod out of his pants were Amy began to suck. The other man put his dick into her hole and started pumping her. I could here them all cum as the guy on time bit into the panties practically tearing them apart in his mouth. When we had finished, Amy and I decided it was time to go. We walked back to our car and drove home. I love my trips to the mall with Amy, they are so exciting, and I just love the adventure. Donít you??


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