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Tabitha's Panties

Sexy Stories


In the Theater

   I love my red panties they make me feel like a tigress hunting cock on a safari. I wore these panties the other night and they are still soaking with white cream on my bedroom floor. They sit in a dirty stinky pile with my filthy socks waiting to be sucked on and adored by a strong manís cock. How did they get so creamy with delightful juices?

I decided that I would wear the red panties to the movie theater the other day. I went to see a new horror film with Connie and thought that it would be fun if I brought a vibrator with me to the movies. I hid the devise in my bag and walked into the theater as if nothing were different. I convinced Connie to sit in the very back corner of the top row. She hates the back row, but after that night, she has rethought her seating preference. ... READ IT ALL

The Treasure

 Last weekend, my boyfriend took me out for our anniversary and my panties are wet just thinking about the incredible night we had.
I started preparing for our night that afternoon, taking my time so that I was perfect. I took a long bubble bath and made sure to shave every hair from my pussy for his pleasure. I then put on a silky red dress and under it I had on the sexiest black panties and bra set I have ever seen. I bought crotch-less panties with a little black silk bow right above my cunt. I sprayed lavender all over my body and rubbed oil down my ass and into my hole. I was set for the
evening....  READ IT ALL


The Mall

     I think one of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to go to the mall with my friend Amy and flash men our panties. It really gets me hot, so hot in fact that sometimes the cotton crotch of the panties sticks to my pussy because they are so wet. Last weekend, Amy and I went up to the mall and had some real fun flashing. It was probably our best time yet. I wore my hot pink mini skirt with black lace panties under it. The panties had tiny bows on the edges and the center of the panties was removed to make them crotch-less. I put on a tight button up shirt and some high heals without nylons. Then, we headed out to the mall. Amy thought it would be funny to see if guys would get hard if we road on the train ride in the middle of the mall with our legs open so our panties showed. ... READ IT ALL