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Tabitha's Panties

The Treasure

..... At exactly 5pm, Tom came to the door looking as handsome as ever. He kissed my cheek and took my hand spinning me around. He then took out a black silk scarf and tied it around my eyes and whispered into my ear, “Tonight, you belong to me.” I could feel my pussy begin to drip into my panties as he uttered the words. We went into the car and drove for sometime. When we stopped he led me, still blindfolded, into a door and removed the scarf. It was a beautiful hotel suite! The bed was huge and round with a small cozy fireplace near the side of it. There was a tiny eating area on the other side of the fireplace and a television above the bed to the right. I raced into the other room to see what was there and found a huge shower, a sauna and a whirlpool. I turned to Tom and gave him a big kiss.
By this time, I was hungry, so I asked Tom where we were going to eat. He looked at me with wanting eyes and told me why don’t I go shower and he will go “pick it up”. Now, I was really confused as I spent the day preparing so I asked again thinking he was joking. This time he grabbed my hand, looked me into the eyes and demanded I go shower.
He kind of scarred me a little as I knew now this was no joke. So, being a good girl, I grabbed one of the white robes and headed to the shower.
When I finished the shower, again, I put on my black pantie set as that it is just so pretty and wrapped the towel around myself. I stepped into the eating area to find Tom sitting at the table with one plate of food in front of him, and an empty plate in my place. “What’s going on Tom? “ “You have not EARNED your food, starting this weekend, you will know what it is to truly be my woman. You will obey me and depend on me for your every need.” Now, I was pissed, I started to look for my clothes, but they were gone! “ What the hell did you do with my clothes?” I demanded.
Tom calmly got up, grabbed my hand and led me to the table. He began to kiss my neck, then down to my breasts pulling each out of the bra one at a time to suckle the nipple until it was hard. My head began to spin, what was he doing to me? I wanted to please him, I wanted him to Own me, I wanted to serve him. He moved his hand down my back into my panties and caressed my ass. He moved his hand forward to my cunt and began to finger me through the hole in my panties. I was getting so wet, it was driving me crazy.I wanted him to fuck me right then. But, instead, he stopped and sat back down to eat. I stood, dumbfounded. “Crawl under the table and suck my cock while I eat. And do a good job or you will pay dearly.” I got on my hands and knees and crawled under the table as I was told. I pulled his thick rod out of his pants and began to suck on him as if he were my dinner. I went up and down, licking and sucking every inch of his hard, thick cock and he enjoyed his meal.
Soon he finished eating and lifted my head from his penis. He stood up and removed his pants and then pulled my panties off of me. He firmly grabbed my hand, and pushed me over the table. He took the scarf and tied my hands to the center post of the table and took out his belt. “I told you to do a good job.You did not lick my balls even once, you ungrateful girl. This weekend you will learn to be mine.” He took my panties and shoved them into my mouth and began to spank my ass until it was red.
Tears poured down my cheeks, not from pain so much but because I felt bad for not pleasing him the way he wanted to be pleased. He untied my hands and removed the panties from my mouth. He pushed me gently back down to his cock and once again demanded that I serve him. This time, I gave him exactly what he wanted. I sucked his hard cock, licked his balls, sucked his balls and even went the extra mile and licked up and down his asshole sending shivers down his back. He smiled and pulled me back to the table. Again he put the panties in my mouth but only after he smelled their essence and sucked on them a bit. He tied me back down to the table only this time much softer. He spread my legs wide open and I felt him pour oil down my crack and work it with his fingers in and out of my asshole and in and out of my pussy. He then turned on a vibrator and shoved it deep into my ass while he fucked my pussy. I was going crazy. I had the panties in my mouth so I began to suck on my own juices because I was helpless and unable to move with his huge rod in my one hole and the vibrator in the other. I squirted cum, then, I did it again. I did not know when he would stop because he was so hard and I was getting so week from cuming. Then he moved around to the front, still fucking my asshole with the vibrator, and pulled the panties from my mouth replacing them with his thick, hard cock. I began to suck as his cum shot down my throat. I licked my lips clean. He then removed the dildo, pulled me off of the table and laid a plate of food in front of me. “Now you have Earned your dinner my love.” He smelled my panties one more time before stuffing them into his shirt pocket and walking into the other room. My mind was racing and my pussy was still pulsing from his cock. I was not as hungry as before, but more excited.I began to eat slowly. As I ate, I could not help but to look down at my bra, now lying on the floor and remember his tongue teasing my nipples. I drank some wine and then went to the bed and lay down for a moment.
I must have dosed off because when I awoke, Tom was sitting beside me with a smile on his face. “I have another surprise for you, my love.” I sat up and saw a beautiful woman standing in a red leather panties set. She had on black fishnet stockings and a mask with a set of handcuffs in her hands. “She is going to help you. She is going to teach you how to please me. Then as a special reward, she has brought with her a weeks worth of dirty, filthy, panties for you to sniff and suck on." The woman walked over to me and pushed me back down on the bed. She took my hands and cuffed them to the bed posts. She then pushed a pillow under my ass forcing my hips upwards. Tom leaned over and held one of my legs up over my head and the woman began to lick my pussy softly and gently. Her tongue went in and out of my hole and flicked across my clit. My legs shuttered and Tom smiled. He took a finger and pushed it up into my asshole while she continued her symphony across my pussy The woman then stopped and took a frilly cream colored pair of thong panties from the pile of dirty laundry lying on the ground. She held the yellow crust to my nose and I could smell her pussy juice. I liked it. Tom continued to work his fingers in my ass as I lay helpless sniffing the panties wanting to lick and suck them because they must taste like this woman who has licked my pussy clean. She put the panties closer and I began to suck on the tip edge of the crust. Oh, I was right. Her pussy juice was so good. As I suckled the panties, she began to bite my tits. - First softly, then harder. Tom took his huge cock out and pushed it deep into my pussy. The woman seeing this, now, both bit my tits and fingered my asshole taking Tom’s place in that special hole. The panties were now in my mouth fully. I was sucking them so hard as I began to cum. I wanted to scream out, but I couldn’t. But before I could cum, Tom stopped pumping me. Oh, now what, my cunt is throbbing, please, please, finish the job. But, instead, the woman removed the panties from my mouth and sat on my face. Her pubic hairs tickled my lips and I began to suck her. Her ass was up in my face, her pussy in my mouth and my tongue was in heaven. Tom again began to pump my wet, hot, pussy. The two of them fucked me so hard that I finally cum. It was hard, it was hot, and it was the best fuck I have ever had.
The woman took off my cuffs and dumped the pile of panties out on the bed. I sat naked, shaking and smelling her pussy on each pair of panties. My nipples were hard just thinking of the moments before. Tom led the woman out, and crawled into bed with me. He watched me smell each panty, wanting more. Then, when I finally lay back down to the bed, I crawled down between his legs and sucked his cock as he fell fast asleep. I was so pleased with my evening. I still have the treasure of panties from the woman in my bedroom dresser drawer. When it is late at night, and I am feeling lonely, I take them out and sniff them. Sometimes, I finger myself while I suck the crust from the corners of the folds in the panties. Remembering that weekend, it keeps me warm and happy in my bed.