our husbands... don't know
what we are doing !


I'm 22 years hold and I'm very piggy.
I've got a a very
beautiful bottom.
I'm a
real exhibitionist. I am no where near perfect, but I am happy
with myself....mans love my bottom...and they love to hurt it with their hands. When I was 7 years old I used to show
my poo poo
and pee pee
to my family...now it's the same with boys and mans...
I'm a piggy girl? Yahaaa!!!
I like to go out to work in the morning, because I dont' like to stay at home. I'd do every thing to stay outside home.

I'm a part time employment in a office...and when the bossman use
to put his hands over my brest and my bottom.... everytime I get
him hurt, but when I come home I touch myself and I cum thinking
about him and his big hands.

Last year I had to marry with a boy that I knew since
I was 10 years hold, but was not so convinced about this marriage.
So the marriage didn't take place.
I like so much attending a lot of boys and mans older than me....
....I like males.

People near me don't know nothing about this website. My last boyfriend
was a good boy. He doesn't think
I'm a bad girl and that everytime
I send a panty or a video
I immage to make sex with who has purchase my bad items.
Anybody around me mustn't know nothing about
my second life.
So I use to wear masks over my face... and your fantasy is keeping up
with my piggy desires.. I think soon I won't wear this mask no more!

I'm 165 centimeters high and 53 kilograms of weight, my breast is 34D : beautifully curvy !!!
And I've got very
small feets ( 34 ialian size ).
If you'll keep my panties and my videos it will be like
you'll have a little baby!!!

My slogan is "husbands... don't know what we are doing"
because everyone has always to share me with you

You can do with me all you prefer, all you desire. My panties and my videos are for you...it will be like I would be there with you!!!!

Tiziana and me while we fight
over sofa

Valentina's SMILE
Won't you like to give me a kiss?
Yea!!! From my smile you can
I'm a very a capricious girl !

My favourite color is red : a very
passional color
. I like very much
when mans give me a lot of

I have taken this picture in the shower .
I like soaps and lavander perfumes

and I am TIZIANA.
I am 30 years hold. I'm older than Valentina, but we are very good friends..( I can tell you "almost girlfriends"). We met in a party,
since then whe became inseparable girls.
I work in a glasses factory, but I'd like to stay at home with my
cat and my husband...uhuff...my husband. He is a boring man
when he is at home.
His job is making the representative man for a firm and he is
always out for work. So, to make became my life electrifying,
I have decided to help Valentina as pantigirl.
It offer me also the possibility to gain some money, that I spend
all in personal sexy items. When I'm alone I use to masturbate
myself and
play with my secret dildos, but when I cum
I often think to Valentina that is fucking with someone
anywhere. I want sex, sex and sex with everyone.
I'm 170 centimeters high and 58 kilograms of weight, my breast
is 32C :
I'm a slender girl !
A lot of people knows my face and I've got a lot of friends
that use internet. I can't show my face because I'm married and
if he would know what I'm doing he would kill me. But it's
all so exciting!! Valentina would like I'll show my face at least with a mask. I'm reluctant to do this. But It would be at the same time
very exciting!!!
I'm looking for strong emotions to run away
from my boring life.
My life is very changed since when
I've become Valentina's assistent.
I help her shooting her pcs and videos. I give high hells
and I help her with shippings.
But I have shot scenes of a erotic video too.

Look at my body.....what do you think about it ?

F.A.Q. Valentina's answers

Q: valentina…why do you wear masks over your face ?
A : My slogan is: "husbands don't know what we are doing" because everyone has always
to share me with you !
But and a lot of people that know me very well use often internet.
I wear masks
over my face so
people near me, can't identify myself. Italian people is still so traditionalist

and if they would know our hobby they could make us an hard life.
In my position "husbands" means
"people near me" ( but Tiziana has got a real husband ). I also think that masks add a "mystery",
that is better to have.
In my videos you'll see more, but in the pcs of the website I can't let see more….My real desire is to
let you cum with my face without mask and I think it willl be possible if soon I'll be able to change town.

Q : Why valentina's pcs are more than Tiziana's pcs ?
A : Tiziana, at this moment, is only... my "panty assistent": when I'm unable to do the site's sweetings,
she helps me.
We are very very good friends. Between us there is also a certain sexual attraction..
I could not hide it. But if you prefer Tiziana you have to specify it, so we'll see what we can do..

Q : Why I can see only valentina's face and not Tiziana's one ?
A : Tiziana is married with a very jealous guyand if he would know about her second life he could hurt her.
But she has a very boring life, so she decided to resque. She is very electrified about her second life.
she started with me selling personal items throw a sexyshop, she gives only her personals
goodies. Subsequently folks started to ask also pictures about her, so she made a compromise :
only pictures
without face. They were liked too, because she has a very beautiful body.
But at least you'll can find also her face.

Q: How do I know that you're the person really wearing my item?
A : I have a PERSONALIZED VIDEO SECTION . When you purchase an item we can give you
a video that shows me wearing just the item you purchase.
In other panty websites
other girls
give you only standard pcs, maybe only signed by them.

No! I'll give you videos or pcs while I wear just the item that you purchase ....
and that should be proof enough
. I want to gain an honest reputation in all the world with my
direct sales. One day we'd like to say to other mans that I gain much more than them
and if they like it…good…if they don't like so….they have in the same way to share me with you!!!!

Q: Valentina…why we don't see your face in all your pictures in the website ?
A: Because I like to show also particulars of my "baby" body. Mans like very much my curves so
I like to show them nearly….I thik it may be very exciting and at the same moment you can cum
thinking at my body how another girl's one.

Q: Who takes your photos ?
A : Our photos are taken by each other..Tiziana and me! We'll take each other also the personalized pcs
and personalized videos. Tiziana is more trained than me to take pcs...she's my assistent!

Q: and your videos ?
Tiziana shot the "spanking" and the "strong" video too. In some video appears folks.
They are very "safety" friends and they don't personally know our husbands. We never have shot
movies since a day, after dinner we were forced to play eotic games with our friends. It was
the first experience in a video.
At first we didn't know there's a digital camera near us.
The movies are very realistics.

Soon you'll can find in our site videos made by our fiends couples that will be shot in sex relations.

Q: If I would like something that I don't see offered on your site, how may I have it?
A: The only way is to E-mail us! We can talk about ALL. I think that every kind of item can be purchased.

Q: Do you smoke ?
A : I don't smoke and nobody in my house do it. But unfortunately Tiziana does...it is the only thing
that I hate of her ( nobody's perfect )

Q: Who is Alberto ?
A : Alberto is an our dear friend. He is GAY and very exhibitionist. But we love him and we hope he will have
success. Help him to find new friends for his ALBERTO'S CLUB.

Q: How may you have a your website ?
A: The idea to sell our personal items on line cames from our friends.
They are of the "ART DESIGNERS" group ( grsphics and architects designers ). So we just say yea!
They knew our "hobby" from the sexy shop throw we were selling our panties.
They are also the grsphics designers of "crazysado" ( that's the motive for the graphics similes with our websites).

We are sorry for the english grammatical errors we may have made in this site
But it's a REAL AMATORIAL SITE. And we live with our own old english acquaintances from schools.

...and if you have suggestions, please e-mail them to us :
we would be very happy and we will hold them in serious consideration
We always desire to have a very handsome and splendid relationship with you


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