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Used Panties by Adia

Hi, I'm Adia: I consider myself to be a sensual gift and enjoy sharing myself with others. My scent is very clean, alternating between clear and slippery and creamy wet! I am an all-natural woman and do not use perfumes or deodorant. I live in Northern California and enjoy acoustic guitar, cooking, fine wine and sensual play. I stay fit with yoga, mountain biking and trail running. I am well-versed in Tantric sex and am multi-orgasmic. My panties are sealed fresh for your pleasure.
I offer the following items of sensual delight:
  • Used Panties
  • Pee Stained Underwear- sometimes I can't hold it!
  • Used Panties after sensual play- I can cum again & again!
  • Dirty socks worn by me during a workout
  • Pantyhose worn by me during a day of work or night on the town
  • Sex toys used personally by me during a masturbation session

Product Description Price Shipping Total Order
Used Panties- Daily Girl Scent Panties worn by Adia all day long $30 $6 $36 Order
Used Panties- Pee Stained Panties worn by Adia when she has an accident $30 $6 $36 Order
Used Panties- Girl Cum Panties worn by Adia during sex play $40 $6 $46 Order
Dirty Socks Adia's socks after a sweaty workout $15 $6 $21 Order
Used Pantyhose Pantyhose worn all day at work or night $25 $6 $31 Order
Used Sex Toy Sex Toy personally used by Adia $100 $15 $115 Order

More About Adia:
Panty Sniffing is a very common & normal part of sexuality for many men. I enjoy how scent is a basic sexual trigger for men & women. A lot of men use the aroma of a woman's body for sensual arousal and fantasy. I never cover up my natural smells with perfume or chemical deodorants. After a hard workout, my lovers often enjoy peeling my sweaty clothes off and enjoying the damp scents one-by-one: My work-out clothes, my dirty socks, and my damp panties. The scent of my feet makes one of my lovers especially aroused: he loves to lick the sweat from between my red painted toes. Having my toes licked really tickles, but it also sends shivers right to my wet pussy! I love sex with both men & women and have studied the sacred practices of Tantric sex, and love to practice with other sexy people.

Adia's clothing:
I love to share my used underwear, used thongs, dirty socks, used panty hose & sometimes workout clothes. I have had a few men ask if they can have my used gym clothes, but it has to be by special request- I wear high-end Lycra running clothes. Send an email with your request, and I'll let you know.

Panty Auctions
I have done Used Panty Auctions in the past, but at this time I am just sending them straight out to the customers. When you have a used panty auction I seem to get a million emails from guys asking for details or free pictures. My clothing has a set price that is fair and is often a LOT cheaper than what you would pay in a panty auction.

Now selling Used Sex Toys!
I have recently started selling used sex toys- the response has been incredible! I use sex toys all the time in my sensual play. It turns me on SO MUCH to think about a hot guy playing with my used sex toys! When you open the package, you'll get hard instantly knowing that it is MY yummy girl-cum on the sex toy. You'll get one of my dildos or vibrators that has been used for at least 45 minutes during one of my daily masturbation sessions.

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