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  • Pee Stained Underwear from sexy girls
  • Dirty Used Panties after Masturbation: yummy girl cum scent!
  • Used Underwear from a girl's period
  • Nylons and Pantyhose worn all day
  • Dirty Socks worn by Hot girls during their workout

Product Model Price Shipping Total Order
Used Panties- Daily Girl Scent Karen, Adia, Mansy, Heather $30 $6 $36 Order
Used Panties- Pee Stained Heather, Adia $30 $6 $36 Order
Used Panties- Girl Cum Karen, Adia, Mandy, Heather $40 $6 $46 Order
Dirty Socks Karen, Adia, Mandy, Heather $15 $6 $21 Order
Used Pantyhose Adia, Karen, Mandy $25 $6 $31 Order
Used Sex Toy Adia, Heather, Karen $100 $15 $115 Order

Do You Like To Sniff Panties?
Panty Sniffing is a very common & normal part of sexuality for many men. A lot of guys love to sniff used girl panties or gym socks while they fantasize and masturbate. We are a group of hot women ranging in age from 18 to 44 years old that are totally turned on by the thought of having guys stroke themselves while sniffing our delicate scents. We love sex, we love our bodies, and are also tuned on by the scent of our bodies. It's very common that men (and some women) are very sexually stimulated from the scent of a Used Panty because of the phernomes that are secreted from a woman's body.

What Kinds of Women's Used Underwear do you like?
We offer sexy girl's used undewear, used thongs, used socks, and used pantyhose. If you have a special request, you can email us with a description or picture of the panties you want us to wear. (additional charges may apply)

Used Panty Auctions
We do not offer Used Panty Auctions for the primary reason that it is unfair to have so many men bidding on a pair of used panties, only to lose the auction to some rich bidder. We have a set price that is fair to all. In addition, with a Used Panty Auction, you do not know exactly what you are getting. All of our used clothing and sex toy products have been worn by the models on this web site.

Used Sex Toys
For an amazing sensual experience, we now offer Used Sex Toys! What a thrill it will be to open up the package and hold the actual sex toy used by our hot panty-girls! You get a dildo or vibrator (Model's choice) that has been used by our pany girl for a complete masturbation session. As soon as the pany girl makes herself cum with the sex toy, it is placed in an air-tight container and immeadiatel shipped to assure maximum scent and freshness.

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