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My Used Panty Story
I first discovered how much I liked used panties when I was married to a paramedic. She had strange work schedules, and would be gone sometimes for two or three days. One of the days she was working, I started doing household chores including laundry. I came across a pair of panties she had worn the weekend before at a wedding we went to. They were completely crusty with her pussy scent. I went into the bedroom and jacked off while I had her panties right up against my face- it was fantastic! Ever since, I am a true "panty sniffer".

The First time I sniffed Used Panties
I started Panty Sniffing when I was around 13. My 16 year old cousin had come to visit for six weeks during the summer because her parents were getting a divorce. She was from Southern California and was a sexy beach girl. We lived in Arizona, and had a built in swimming pool in our backyard. Katrina loved to layout in a bikini an tan herself during the day. In the evenings, she would either have her friend Anne come over for a swim, or they would go out and hang out with other high school kids. All that summer, I would sneak into her bed room after she changed and find her bathing suit to sniff. When I would get a whiff of her sweet pussy, it would instantly make my dick hard. A lot of my early masturbation fantasies were about this girl!

Accidental panty sniffer:
I'm not into girl's panties but one time about a year ago I was at my sister-in-law's house and needed to change out of my work clothes into some casual clothes. The bathroom was in use so she told me to use Tammy's room - that's her 19 YO daughter who was home from her freshman year of college. Tammy is about 5'8" and 120lbs. She has smallish tits and a rockin' hot ass. I went in and closed the door and started to get changed when I noticed her little blue jean shorts on the floor. She had obviously stepped out of them and just left them were they fell. Her panties were inside and I have to admit it made me pretty boned up to think of her little pussy and butthole snuggled in there all day.

I got caught sniffing panties
We offer sexy girls used underwear, used thongs, used socks, and used pantyhose. If you have a special request, you can email us with a description or picture of the panties you want us to wear. (additional charges may apply)

MILF Panties Smell Best!
I never did a lot of baby sitting. The only times I ever got stuck doing it was when I was recruited by my Mom when of her friends said they couldn't go and do something with her because they needed a sitter! All my sister went through this, but this particular time It was my turn. My Mom took me the house when she went to pick up her friend to go to some kind of school thing. The kids were young so their Mom tucked them in for the night and it was basically my job to keep an ear open for them.
I looked at some TV for a while and then did my homework. I called my friend on the phone and we chatted for a while when my friend,a more experienced baby sitter, asked me if I looked through their bedroom dresser drawers yet! I said no, I never thought of it. She said maybe they have playboy magazines or something hidden away. I have an older brother so I always peeked at his dirty magazines so looking for someone else's mag's didn't excite me much. Anyway we got on to another subject and that subject was forgotten. we talked for over a hour and then she had to go do her homework.
I was sitting there bored and decide to make sure the kids were okay so I went upstairs to look in on them. they were sound asleep so when I was heading back downstairs I passed the master bedroom and my friends question about looking in their drawers popped into my head. I turned on the light and looked around the whole room and found it kind of exciting being in someone's bedroom when they weren't around. I looked into the man's nightstand first and hit pay dirt lol, condoms! I took one and put it in my pocket so I could examine it closer at home. Never saw one that wasn't laying on the ground used lol! I'm still a virgin at this point! Nothing exciting in her night table so I went to her dresser. I found sweaters and tops in one drawer, slacks and jeans in another. Then came the underwear drawer! I always liked pretty panty's and bras, still do. She had some very sexy things. I looked at the sizes, the panty's were a larger size then me and the bra's were my size. How cool is that, I had the same cup size as a grown women! Okay 34 B for the curious lol Hey I was 15 or 16 at the time. So I held up the panty's and bras and looked at them wondering how she looked in them. I always thought of her as one of my Mom's prettier friends and she was very friendly towards me too. I was starting to feel that special little felling you get when you start to get horny lol! I looked through a few more drawers with nothing very exciting in them. The bottom drawer had items in them that you could tell weren't worn often. I saw some black silk under everything else so I moved stuff away and saw that the silk was a bra. I dug deeper and came up with a whole sexy lingerie set! Of course I've seen things like this before, but never had the opportunity to wear any. I know my mom said they wouldn't be home until around 11 and it was only 9. So I decided to try it on! I checked the kids again and they hadn't moved. I was back in the bedroom and I took off my top and pulled down my jeans and panty's together. They had a wall mirror covering their closet doors so I looked at myself naked standing in someone else's home and that gave me a sex chill lol! I sat on her bed and slowly pulled up the thigh high black stockings. It was sexy just putting them on. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and turned and looked over my shoulder so I could see my butt! There were shear panty's with a slit in them At first I thought they were ripped but then, duh, I realized they were crotch less panty's lol. I even smelled them and they had that musky smell like when I pull down my friends panty's. I put them on,my pubes were poking out of the slit!
I then put on the black garter belt. The stockings didn't need to be held up by the belt, but it sure looked sexy on me. The bra was shear too and it had slits in it for the nipples to stick through, see how much worldly I was getting already, I knew it wasn't ripped lol! I felt so sexy and horny dressed up like this. I struck all sorts of poses in front of the mirror. I stood in front of the mirror and rubbed my nipples and played with my pussy. I knew I was going to have to come so I propped up some pillows for my head and let my legs hang over the edge of the bed. I took the panty's off so I wouldn't get then soaking wet and laid back and watched my self fingering my pussy wearing the sexy outfit in the mirror. I even smelled the panty's while I did this. I came in about 1 minute! I was just laying there catching my breath and I started to touch myself again and ended coming a second time. I looked at the clock next to the bed and it was almost 11, so I stripped off the lingerie, put it back in the drawer and got dressed. I went back downstairs and sat in front of the TV and waited for them to come home! The next day I told my friend about this while we took turns fingering each other!

I love to smell a woman's piss on her panties!
My favorite scent is when I smell the piss on my girlfriend's panties. Somehow the scent of her pee is even more exiting for me than smelling her girl-cum. She is a sweet & kinky girl: when we are apart for any length of time, she will leave some used panties behind for me to sniff whilst jacking off to her sex videos. One time, she "borrowed" a pair of her girlfriends thong panties after the girlfriend had worn them out all night at the clubs. They had a good deal of crust on them, and there was even a pubic hair stuck to the stain. My girlfriend let me sniff them whilst she gave me the most incredible blowjob ever!

I like dirty socks best
I really like the smell of a woman's foot, especially after she has been wearing shoes all day or working out. The sweet, salty smell makes my cock so hard. A lot of women do not realize how sexy their feet can be! I have ordered the dirty socks from Used Panties a few times now. I am sure to put them back in the zip lock bag so the scent stays strong as long as possible. Have you guys ever considered selling used tennis shoes? They would have to be from sexy girls to be a turn on for me...

Used pantyhose have the best scent
For an amazing sensual experience, we now offer Used Sex Toys! What a thrill it will be to open up the package and hold the actual sex toy used by our hot panty-girls! You get a dildo or vibrator (Model's choice) that has been used by our panty girl for a complete masturbation session. As soon as the panty girl makes herself cum with the sex toy, it is placed in an air-tight container and immediately shipped to assure maximum scent and freshness.


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