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As your husband escorted you to the limo and opened the door I could tell that he had told you nothing of what was planned. You looked amazing with the front of your dress revealing most of your fantastic breasts and large hard nipples which were visible thru the black silk dress that barely covered them. The long dress was slit almost to your waist and as you slid across the seat your entire leg was visible and oh so desirable. Infact at that moment I almost forgot the real reason for our evening out and just wanted you for me... but that was not the plan and I always follow my plans.
you were nervous, but composed as you received the offered glass of champagne, a flicker of a smile crossed your face as you said " I never expected that after all the notes and letters we exchanged I would be sitting here, across from you" to which I replied " if not for your husband, it would never have been so, cheers and I hope you enjoy this evening, it is all about you" you seemed to relax as you sipped the Dom ( interesting choice of champagne, don't you think,lol) and I thought for a moment that you were flirting more than a little. sitting across from you I watch as you crossed and uncrossed you legs a couple of times, revealing the stocking and garter belt I had given your husband for you to wear. I could feel the lust rising in me and I glanced away to allow myself to relax... the evening was young.

The car was headed west and I explained that I love the beach and so had planned a very special dinner for us and then “who knows which way the wind blows".
The soft jazz was soothing and the sky passing by the sunroof was star filled and wispy clouds.
Since the tinted windows revealed little of what was outside I know you were surprised when the car stopped and the driver opened the door revealing a beautiful modern glass mansion practically overhanging the ocean. I could see that caution had returned to you, along with some mixture of fear and fascination. I told the driver he was released for the rest of the night and we stepped to the front door. “Do you like the evening so far kitty??? Before you could answer the butler had the door opened and the view and the lighting took any thoughts you had away. “my god, I have never seen anything like this, is it yours" "sadly no, it is a friends home. I usually stay here when in town"
the butler led us thru the foyer to a large living room with floor to ceiling glass, low black leather seating and a fireplace burning behind glass doors. As he serves more champagne he announces that dinner can be served at any time, where would we like to dine? Looking at you, I suggest the terrace next to the pool is quite lovely, you nod... I love the way you just bite your lower lip... it is very endearing and it makes me want to hold your face in my hands and brush your lips with sweet soft kisses, but I settle to take your hand and kiss it gently while I lead you to the terrace. As we sit at the table I watch your eyes as you notice it is set for four... " are others joing us" I reply " would you mind if I had invited a couple I know" a bit of disappointment is visible when I say couple, but you reply " of course not" it seems to be a perfect evening, I am sure that friends of yours will be lovely"

While the wind whips the flames in the outdoor fireplace, it also moves the wisps of hair that have fallen across your brow. I move them away and I lean in for a kiss, which you return wirh a slight tremble, but also with a slightly parted mouth. as I start to kiss you some more, I hear the butler cough discreetly, as we part he announces our guests have arrived, " shall I show them in now" " yes of course, please" I smile at you, the flush in your cheeks is quite pronounced and your beautiful eyes are slightly glazed from the champagne and who knows for sure what else...
as I stand to greet our guest I hear you gasp as you see them. In front walks an extordinarily beautiful woman. Her long black air hangs free, well past her shoulders. She is stunning in the way that a vogue model looks after the makeup and hair are done. She wears a dress similar to yours but hers is shimmering sequins, right down to her 4 inch heels. Behind her comes her partner... tall with short blond hair, wearing a dolce and gabbana black 4 button suit with a starched high collar and a bright red tie. You almost fall over as this one comes from the shadow and reveals that it is a she, and one as beautiful as the other... " may I introduce our guests for the evening... kissing both of them twice on their cheeks, I say " Denise and Toni, this is kitty, my new friend I have told you so much about...
I must admit that I was very impressed with how quickly you regained your composure... your return greeting was without any pause " I am very pleased to meet you both, however (looking at me with a smile) east has told me nothing about you" I quickly added, " that was to allow you to learn all about them"

I seated Toni to your left and Denise to my right. Wine was opened and served and we all relaxed a bit, although there was plenty of something in the air... tension? Anticipation, fear of the unknown... probably all three and by all of us. The first course was served before anyone could utter a word. 12 tiny oysters on the half shell, topped with a dollop of beluga caviar. toni spoke first, looking to me and then to you “ahh, my favorite. I hope you don't mind if I forgo the fork? I just love to raise the shell to my lips and just slide it off the shell with my tongue..." she proceeded to do just that, it was as bold and sensual act as any I have ever seen. with that the ice was truly broken. We all indulged in the oysters as we had just been taught. Toni as I knew would, took control of the table in every way. “kitty, do tell me about yourself, you are so very attractive" you keep her eyes while you tell her about your husband and child... the joy you have taken raising your child and how life is very nice. You then turn to Denise and ask, " and you?' it is the first time that Denise has spoken and her manner was very subdued. She looked first to Toni, as if to ask permission and then told of her life. She had been just 13 when she first went to Milan to model. First runway work, then couture, and finally she moved back to NY and became a magazine model. Toni then spoke... " she's way too modest, she became THE MAGAZINE MODEL" we met when I was hired to shoot her for a multi page catalog for the lingerie importer AGENTPROVACATEUR and to launch their incredible website." she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen and I fell in love with her on sight. by the way, even through that was 10 years ago, nobody looks better in lingerie still" Toni was about to say more, but paused while our “entree is served" setting down the seared tuna the butler asked how everything was. I replied that everything was lovely and that he could have a break, I would ring him to clear. As he left, Toni spoke. “As I was about to say, Denise, let us see how beautiful you are" it was not a casual request but rather an order. I looked at you as Denise rose from her chair and reached behind and without a misstep unzipped the sequin dress from neck to waist and then just stepped out of it. Your face told me that everything was going to be fine tonight. You made no pretense of modesty and infact you seemed embolden. “She is stunning" she was now wearing a low cut sheer bra of fine silk and lace. Her body and skin were flawless and she stood as though it was only for our pleasure. Around her waist was a matching garter belt, holding black sheer stocking and framing the sheer panty that just barely hid her sex. “turn for us please" said Toni and so she did.

From the back and with the back lighting she appeared to be naked, a visual not lost on you, as you seemed to eat her up with your eyes. “so, you see why she was and is the best" gesturing to Denise to sit back down. Toni said to you... you don't mind if she dines undressed like that do you? Of course not you replied, clearly understanding that Denise was a sub to everyone there, even is she might only take orders from Toni. It seems as if we were done eating, so I suggested we move to the pool seating area. Two cushioned teak loveseats facing each other made for cozy seating for four. I sat with Denise, across from you and Toni. Denise slowly uncrossed her legs and was soon quite spread open, the panty finding the cleave and practically disappearing from view. Her sex was furry with short dark hair trimmed perfectly for a bikini. While you watched I gave Denise a big deep kiss. Next to you Toni put her arm around you and whispered in your ear. After my kiss Denise and I watched as Toni quickly had you in just your panty and stockings and was kissing you rather roughly and pressing her hands everyway and anywhere she wanted. We watched this seduction go on for several minutes and when she stopped your shaking body told all that this was just where you wanted to be. At this point, I arranged a cushion between the loveseats. Toni took your hand and brought you to your feet. She kissed you hard again and you were weak in the knees. Leading you to lie down on the cushion on your back. She then did the same with Denise and led her to lie on top of you. It was an amazing scene. Toni and I fully dressed on opposing seats and the two of you near naked on a cushion in front of us. Toni said to you “kitty darling now is up to you. Denise will do anything, anything you want, so be bold. she does not break easily" at first when you kissed is was tentative, but soon the kisses were deep, tongues lashing and joining both inside and outside your mouths... hands groping and reaching in almost desperate need and intent. Toni seemed quite pleased with herself and smiled at me as to say, “I thought kitty might be a good girl to play with, thank you" I nodded my agreement and not so casually pressed my raging hard on to the side. We watched as you pulled Denise up until her wet cunt was pressed deep over your face... ahh, the show begins in earnest.

I smile and allow my mind to imagine the thrills and pleasures going thru your quivering body... I can't wait to see what cums next... watching you two, Denise now reversed, sitting on your face grinding as if it were a big hard cock... your hands gripping, tearing and slapping her ass while she proceeds to slap your pussy, progressively harder and harder. She stops slapping it once in a while to stick her fingers roughly inside you or to reveal your clit and rub it round and round. You are forcing your hips up and bucking wildly, pushing her off your face a few inches. You are screaming for her to eat your cunt bitch, over and over again you are shouting wildly. Toni sits quite calmly considering and I am doing my best to keep my hands off my cock for fear I would fill my pants with hot spunk... my cock is twitching and I am sweating. Denise bends down and starts the hardest licking and sucking and biting I am sure your cunt has ever had. As she lifts slightly I can see how your juices have wet her entire face and that strands of hair that are also wringing wet. It is simply almost too much for me to watch and I am just watching... you are bright red, your face to your toes. you squeeze and pinch your big tits and huge engorged nipples... I watch as you start forcing fingers into her, first two, then three and finally you are trying to push your entire hand into Denise’s sloppy open cunt that hangs and bounces just above your mouth and the near constant squirting from her has you soaked and begging for more. Screaming now, you are almost throwing her off you as you are cuming non stop now... your eyes are open, but you cannot see and just before it looks like you will pass out, the last of your hands pops into Denise and up to your wrist.

As you lay panting and crying moaning starting to just orgasm after orgasm slowly cuming down a little each time, Denise goes fucking wild. Shoving her cunt up and down on you and like she is trying to get your whole arm inside her... and then she explodes. Shouting moaning screaming she starts to shake and quiver in a manner of a demonic possession... she collapses on you and the two of you just lay there, out of breath, sweating wet and nearly catatonic. While I stare in amazement at the sexiest event I have ever been to, my shirt open and my own wet spot on the front of my pants, even though I did not cum... Toni just sits almost bored, like she has seen it all before... I am truly amazed, even her tie is still knotted at the top.
As you two disengage, an action that is two parts drama and 1 part humor. You both are grinning at each other as you realize your hand is still buried in Denise. the sucking and the popping sound that it makes as you both pull away brings laughter to us all ,even Toni, who makes some joke about Denise will never find a man to satisfy her after that, thank god she has me and my tools...he,he.
As we all sip some water and then more wine, I suggest that the pool is lovely and that the hot tub at the end will be a welcome respite, if you wish. You embrace Denise and then come to me and press against me... I can still feel you tremble. “Thank you, that was the best thing ever" I smile and kiss you" well, I am not sure it is over... “I tilt my head and you follow to see Denise embracing Toni and she starts to undress her. It is such a sexy and lovely sight we just watch as the beauty of Toni naked is revealed. As soon as she is, they dive into the pool. I help you out of your garter belt, which is the last thing still attached to you and playfully push you into the water.
I watch the three of you splash around for a bit; I light a cigar and marvel at the beauty before me. Three of the sexiest girls, naked, casually kissing and touching each other. I am a happy man indeed.

Large white towels and fluffy terry robes are the wardrobe of the evening now... wet hair pulled back and fresh lipstick applied, we all sit on the two love seats again. Same positions with Denise next to me and Toni on your right. A new bottle of Champagne opened and served cold, we all drink and chatter. As I am turned to Denise I see from the corner of my eye Toni place her arm around your shoulder and pull you to face her. She kisses you once lightly then deep and with her tongue deep in your mouth. You moan and allow your legs to part and reveal your sex for all to see. Toni pulls your robe open completely and lifts your large breasts as if to weigh them. She is impressed for a moment before she tries to get your whole breast in her mouth. Failing that she sucks hard and loudly on your swollen nipples, one and then the other, nipping them with her teeth and squeezing them rather roughly. You are on the verge of cuming yet again and your legs spread and close as you try to get more stimulation on your clit. Toni pins your arms and then slides down to your cunt, which is wet again and engorged... she hungrily devours your pussy as if she will really eat you, literally. You have a violent shaking and bucking orgasm yelling even louder than before... Denise gives me a kiss and a wink as she leaves the pool area while you and Toni kiss and you get your breath back. Toni presses your head with both hands down to her small pert tits. It is as if she is suckling a baby as she caresses your neck and shoulders. You open her robe and kiss your way between her thighs that have opened to their widest possible position to give you full access. With one hand behind your head, pressing and denying, her other hand pulls and squeezes her own breasts and nipples. Her mouth is open and she is urging you on with her gasps and squeals and words of encouragement. As she cums for the first time of the night she holds your head and bucks her hips against your face as hard as can be. You are nearly drowning, unable to get your breath when at last she relaxes her hold and you fall to the deck... Denise returns and sits above you and she and Toni make out with such passion and love it is more than just erotic.

The practiced way they entwine is an act of true beauty. You join me on the couch and I fill your glass as we watch in awe this act of love between such beauties. After awhile of kissing and groping the girls face us and with legs spread they proceed to masturbate each other. Looking at you they rub each others clits and cunts and as if by magic they increase the pace in perfect unison until they both explode in orgasm at the exact same moment. It is amazing and I notice that you too have been rubbing yourself and that you cum just moments after they do... I am truly as turned on as I could get and have been hard as a rock for hours by now, my cock is nearly numb. Toni stands and re-ties her robe, you and Denise do the same and we all follow Toni out of the pool area. Up one flight of stairs and down a soft light hallway we come to a door. Opening it a huge bedroom with a complete wall of glass that overlooks the pool and the ocean. A huge bed covered with a silk and satin duvet and mounds of soft pillows. I take a chair near the bed as Toni directs you and Denise to sit on the bed. She walks to the bathroom and closes the door behind her.

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