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Used Panty Stories

Hey what can I tell ya a lot of guys love to snoop thru a ladies undies draw.My wife is very clean ,she wears pantie liners.She ,would never put a pair of worn panties back in her draw.I`ll tell ya ,I have smelled some pretty funky worn panties in my days,but not my wifes,lol.They do smell a bit if she has been working out or doing yard work.I was over my friends house one time,and i was in his bathroom,and i snooped there was the laundry basket in them was his daughter thongs ,she is now 27 ,and looks like a cuter Julia Roberts ,she must have been 22 then and I tell you they were light green vs thongs sheer and i could smell them way before i had them up to my face,lol.Well I stole them and put them in a plastic sanwich bag.They smell yummy for a while so im a pervert!But does that make me a bad person?

I have done this so manytimes I can count. I will try, I was watching my neighboors two kids from accross the street. I was young and really horny so I started to snoop. Went right for the panty's. after sometime I found some video's on the fourth try I found the homemade porn. Next my buddie had two older sisters. I knew where they hid the key to the house and when they were all gone I let myself in and took a pair of panties from the two sisters and his mom. I jacked the night with his sister "Kim's" panites on my head. I will never forget the smell of her panties. Best part was she was homecomming Queen and we were just freshman! Jacked off to one of my ex GF roomies. Her roomate was a girl that was 4 years older then me and very hot. Never home but one of those chicks that always need to feel like people thougth see was hot.

I started with my sister's over 30 yrs ago.
I've sniffed, snatched and borrowed dozens...
from friends, sisters-in-law, friend's moms,
friend's wive's and girlfriend's,
my wife's friends, strangers, roomates.
I like 'em clean, dirty, cum crusted, damp, stained, stinky,
perfumed... doesn't matter.
They all get me hard.
Always have.





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